How to play


NewSkyDiver :
New Sky Diver is a very easy-to-understand game, and you can find some
informations about gameplay and usage here.

First, here it is the main screen:

Main screen
The goal is to land on the platform at the center of the screen in the
shortest time as possible.
There is some interesting informations at the bottom of the game window:

Round informations
The first information available here is wind speed and direction:
Wind will push your player when his parachute is open (to the left, in this
example), and force (0 to 99 %).
Then you can see "Fly-Time" (in seconds), from the jump to the first ground-hit.
The "Touch Time" (in seconds, too) is incremented when your player is
touching the yellow platform, up to 5 seconds.
"Center Distance" is a landing-precision factor (lower is better), computed
form the center of the platform.
Last information is the amount of breaked bones (after landing) of your player,
up to 9 (you score is always 0 if you've breaked any bone).

Now, you can jump from plane (Press space key) :

Jumping from plane

You have now a very short time period to open your parachute (this period
will influence Fly-Time, and touching impact force).
To open your parachute, press space key, again :

Opening parachute

You can now control player moves using arrow keys :

Left: Not centered / Right: Good !
Wind is now pushing your player so try to anticipate. You must also make slow
movements when landing, or your player will be ejected from platform because
of his inertia.

If you are now landed on the platform, look at the "Touch Time" information
at the bottom of the screen :

"Touch Time" is growing !
Wait until it reach 5 secondes.
If you have missed the platform, you can get your score and start another
game using the backspace key ( ):

Not so bad, let's try again !

Score is calculated according: wind (greater is better, to the right is better),
fly-time (lower is better), touch time (greater is better), center distance (lower
is better) and breaked bones (score = 0 if any).
Your score (if not 0) is automatically uploaded to score page, so
your can try to enter the top 30 players :)
Press backspace key ( ) to retry.

CQFD Corp. recommends strong keyboards !

NewSkyDiver (A Sky Diver Clone / (c) 1979 ATARI INC.) - CQFD Corp. - GPL Software