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NewSkyDiver :
2004/04/13: Sorry for the lack of updates, but we are hardly working on other games using Raydium.
The version 0.97 of NewSkyDiver is almost ready, but without the surprise ! ;)
This surprise was another game part were the player jumps from a cliff. To make this jump, you must proportion inflection and extention phase of the player's jump), and a multiplayer mode !

So, if I have some requests, i'm ready to release the current 0.97 version of NewSkyDiver, and (if I have many requests ;) ) a 0.98 with multiplayer and cliff mode.

2004/02/15: ireks, again ! :) I can't do anything to beat this score. Congratulations to Matis and necui, too. A new version (0.97) is on the way, with a new camera, fullscreen option, and a big surprise ;)

2004/02/04: Impressive, ireks ! 5000 points are now reached... I'll (Xfennec) personally try to beat your best score, guy ! :)
A new mirror is now available (for NewSkyDiver only), hosted at (see dowload page).

2004/02/03: Wow.. due to some news on various website (.be and .pl, mostly), servers are overloaded ! Please, be patient, and prefer the best mirror available so far: Yoltie
Ah, we also have some new players in the top30 ! (M&S Picard, Matis, cyberluk and Administrator)

2004/02/02: Congratulations to new players of the top30 ! :)
dave (just, but ... :)
... more to come ?

2004/02/01: 0.95 version is now available for Linux and Win32, including fixes for (mostly) all reported bugs of 0.90.
Happypenguin (Linux Game Tome) "registration" is done: Sky Diver

2004/01/28: More score queries, again, and a new page on the website: How To Play.

2004/01/26: Website updated (more score informations),
and first bug reports on beta version

Download and try !

NewSkyDiver (A Sky Diver Clone / (c) 1979 ATARI INC.) - CQFD Corp. - GPL Software